Dragon Ball 2022 Benefactor Ticket - New Century

Dragon Ball 2022 Benefactor Ticket - New Century

This Dragon Ball 2022 Benefactor ticket package includes:

  • One Benefactor Ticket for 1 guest 
  • Partial tax receipt
  • New Century Restaurant coupon voucher for $200 off when spending $300 or more


About New Century Restaurant

New Century Restaurant is an expert in Chiuchow cuisine which originates from the Chaoshan region of the eastern part of Guangdong province in China.

Due to the special geographical location, Chiuchow cuisine proudly blends Southern Min cuisine & Cantonese cuisine.  Chiuchow dishes are well known for seafood and vegetarian dishes. The use of seasonings and oil in Chiuchow dishes is usually lighter than that of other Chinese dishes; thus, the freshness and the quality of ingredients is crucial.

In addition to delicate Chiuchow dishes, New Century Restaurant also serves up classical Chinese dishes too.